Preppers Pantry

We try to keep a well stocked pantry--both for everyday use and for "just in case...."  I mostly am involved with our food storage, food preparation, etc.  From time to time, I may share something else on behalf of my husband.  Our reason for "prepping" is not out of fear or belief in conspiracy theories, but in scriptures. "Consider the prepares its provisions in summer; it gathers its food during harvest.  ....." Proverbs 6:6-11 is just one example.  With natural disasters and crazy weather no matter where you live, having some easy to prepare food on hand makes sense.  There are a few different ways to go about being prepared.  The things needed can vary from one family to the next.  I am certainly no expert, but will readily share my sources, resources and experiences to help others.

One of the places we order from is Emergency Essentials.  This is the only place I will order milk from.  I have recently become an affiliate.  This means that you can place an order as usual (starting from a link on my blog) and I will receive a small portion of the sale.  There is no extra charge to you, I do not see any part of your order.  Thank you for being a blessing to our family in this small way!